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Body armour solution

3D body armour, made with multi-layers of para-aramid fabric have been cut and assembled following a new distribution of the sewing stiches, in order to minimize the cuttings and the final weight of the body armour.

Each layer of para-aramid fabric has been cut with respect to specific shapes for the front and back faces of the body armour

The assembly of the resulted front and back faces is done by sewing to obtain one layer of the body armour.

The final body armour made of several layers of this specific assembly have been tested with 6 shots of 9 mm FMJ RN bullets fired at 350 m/s, corresponding to level II of NIJ 0101.06 norm.

All the 6 shots have been stopped at the different body areas and the average value of the dynamic depth penetration of the bullet is 30 mm.


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