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Weaving technology


During this course the student will learn:

After completing this course, the student will be able to:


Previous courses on Textile raw materials and yarns (YARN01)


The design of a dobby fabric allows to define the different necessary parameters for its construction and to be filled into a fabric data sheet. The production of fabric samples with different weave diagrams and densities allows checking the different effective parameters acting on the fabric quality.

The course is composed of different steps

Description of main parameters to define a fabric. Basics and fundamentals of fabrics.

Fabric modelling. Learning of the different types of fabric architecture. Definition of fundamentals and derived of weave diagrams.

Computer aided design of a dobby fabric. Achievement of a virtual fabric sampling and fabric data sheets.

Production of dobby fabric samples with fundamental weave diagrams on prototype weaving looms.

Fabrics analysis.


Lectures (Fabric modelling and weave diagram theory, design and production of dobby fabric, design and production of Jacquard fabric)

Practical works (exercise 1. Production of dobby fabric samples – exercise 2. Design and production of Jacquard fabric sample on ribbon loom)


Fundamentals and basics of dobby and Jacquard fabrics and weave diagram theory are evaluated during a written exam (1h –without any documents)

Fabrics productions are noted during the practical works.

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